How much are my gold coins worth? is the question we are most often asked.

Many gold coins are worth far more than their gold value and need to be identified.

Jethro Marles will go through your coins/medallion’s and identify those that will be of interest to collectors. You can either accept our offer to purchase or we will arrange for your coins/medallions to be sold through a specialist auction.

Standard Sovereigns, Krugerrand’s, Britannia’s, USA Dollars, Mexican Pesos and similar gold coins or medallion’s are unlikely to be of interest to collectors. As bullion dealers, the amount we would pay for such coins could be as much as 40% more when compared to selling at auction.

Gold medallion’s.

Gold or platinum Commemorative medallion’s, standard English and Foreign gold coins and those valued for their bullion content are purchased by Jethro Marles for a price based on their bullion value.

The price paid by Jethro Marles is based on the official ‘Gold Fix’ and the total value of the transaction as shown below.

If the price of gold (the gold fix) is stated to be £1,500 per oz, then standard coins will have the following gold values.

One Krugerrand will have a gold value of £1500

One Sovereign will have a gold value of £352

One Half-sovereign will have a gold value of £176

When the total transaction is up to £1,999, we pay the fix less 6%

When the total transaction is between £2,000 and £5,999 we pay the fix less 5%

When the total transaction is in excess of £6,000, we pay the fix less 4%.

Clients accepting any offer made will be settled immediately by internet bank transfer, although cheque is also an option..

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We cover the South of England including Exeter, Torbay, Plymouth, Truro, Taunton, Barnstaple and Bristol.

We consider all items for immediate sale or to take to auction

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