Sell amber bead necklace – we want to buy.

Sell amber bead necklace

Sell amber bead necklace and amber beads now, says jewellery expert Jethro Marles. The price is high and continues to be driven up by demand from Asian buyers around the world. The demand is specifically for butterscotch and egg yolk colour natural baltic amber beads. To see prices we’ve achieved for amber beads, click HERE. For the layman, judging whether beads are amber or plastic is the first problem.  A quick internet search will give you many home tests that can be carried out, but these are dangerous and inconclusive. Tests such as pricking with a hot needle will only damage genuine amber, so don’t do it. Rubbing amber with a cloth will impart a static electric charge enabling you to pick up pieces of tissue paper, but this works the same with ambroid and other compositions. The same is true if you test to see if your so called amber floats in salted water.

The demand is for baltic amber bead necklaces that have not been treated in any way. Many countries are the source of natural amber which is the fossilised resin of trees which often contain remnants of foliage and insects. These can be intriguing, amazing and beautiful and there has always been a demand for prime specimens.  If your beads are real amber, are they of baltic origin and have they been treated?  We will examine your amber beads free of charge.

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